First Time

Here to help!

If you have not done pole before please don’t be nervous, we will look after you! Here is some information which will help you on your way!

    You can book into any class which contains level 1, including All Levels.

    Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time to change. If you miss the warm up/are late, you will not be allowed into the class.

    When you arrive please follow our signs to the changing room/lockers. All you need to bring into the studio with you is water and your locker key!

    Please leave all jewellery and shoes in the lockers.

    Please wait in the reception until your class is called.

    You will be lead in an appropriate warm up.

    We then come around and teach you individually, going through our syllabus.

    You will then be lead in a cool down to finish your class.

    If you have any questions when you finish, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor!

If you have done pole before but not been to Watermelon before, don’t worry, we would love to have you! Simply email to find the appropriate level for you!

What do I wear?

    Please wear suitable gym attire eg, sports bras, leggings, shorts etc.

    From level 2 shorts are required for grip, please dress to your comfort.

    We fully encourage being able to wear what you are comfortable in, however please be considerate when choosing smaller outfits, for hygiene purposes.

    We recommend for all your pole wear needs.

    You can pole bare feet or in pole specific shoes, eg Pleasers or Hella Heels.

What should I bring?

    Please bring a bottle of water, our tap water is drinkable if you need to top up.

    If you are Level 2+ please bring your own liquid chalk/dry hands.

    If you can not remove your piercings, please bring your own plasters to cover them up to save time in class.

    We recommend bringing a notebook and pen to document your pole journey/moves. Some students like to bring their own hand towels if they get quite sweaty.

How do I book?

Please book directly through our booking site here.

Why Watermelon?

We frequently get asked why we named our studio after a fruit! We chose the name after Dirty Dancing’s famous quote ‘I carried a Watermelon’ as we love dancing so much!


If you are not sure if pole fitness is for you, read the comments of our existing students on how they have progressed their fitness. Their journey may persuade you to join the Watermelon family!

I've joined the studio as a newby to pole back in 2015! I've been going ever since! The studio is a safe space where anyone can learn pole and find their style of dance. Everyone is lovely and supportive.

Anne Krippler - Google Review

This is a temple for goddesses and gods, best place to improve yourself.

The studio is beautiful and the teachers are always there for you.

Pole Dance is a great way to get the exercise you need while youre feeling sexy.


Azahara Seco - Google Review

Excellent studio, so inclusive and friendly - staff and the fellow students! Safe, clean, personalised tuition, even in group classes. The instructors at Watermelon are fabulous, they take time to find the best way to teach you as an individual and are so supportive.

Fellow students are all very chatty and welcome new faces with open arms. This truly is a safe space where no one is judged and everyone is united by their love of pole.


Katherine Hegarty - Google Review

I've been going to Watermelon for 7yrs now and absolutely love it. I've met some wonderful friends there and the instructors are so helpful, professional and a great laugh. My pole journey has come on leaps and bounds with Watermelon 🍉

Gwen M. Dolan - Google Review

First came to Watermelon 6 years ago - best decision ever! Everyone is so warm and welcoming <3

Robert Hollis - Google Review

I've been going to this pole studio for several years and it's amazing! The instructors are fun, friendly, supportive, and have a real focus on safety. The studio itself is gorgeous too. You know whenever you go to a class you're in safe hands and will leave happier, stronger and more confident than you went in.

Alice Palmer - Google Review

This studio makes me feel lucky to live in Edinburgh. All of the instructors are very friendly, supportive and welcoming. I never get tired of coming to class. Even if I'm having an off day the instructors will give me alternatives to work on and really give me a boost. The environment in the studio is very inclusive. You are free to express yourself however you please without judgement. The student community at this studio really support each other. A safe space to be yourself and enjoy dancing. We are lucky to have so many opportunities to learn from the pole community, whether it's visiting instructors or photographers. I'm proud to be a pip.

Tracey Douglas - Google Review

All of the instructors here are amazing, they are so supportive and really help you succeed. The studio is such a comfortable place to be. Organised workshops and photoshoots, regular Dance classes as well as usual training/practice help to keep variety in training and infuse new ideas into your pole journey.

Absolutely love it here!

Rocine Macfarlane - Google Review

Nice wee studio with an amazing teacher & brilliant dancer!
Sandi is very patient & helps with any confidence issues you may have. 5☆+

Absolutely love it here!

Kirsty Bennett - Google Review

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

A wonderful pole studio, all the instructors are very professional, enthusiastic and take the time to explain whenever you have questions. They've handled every stage of the pandemic with grace and I've always felt comfortable going. I had my first pole classes here and immediately fell in love with the sport!

Xenia Foe - Google Review

The BEST pole studio I've ever been to. Gwen and the team are amazing, the most friendly funny people with big hearts and excellent knowledge of all things pole. You will feel safe and secure and have the most fun - I'd recommend this watermelon to anyone !!

Jen Coyle - Google Review

I have been atending The Watermelon Studio for classes since 2015, very shortly after it opened, and it has become my second hom.e It offers such a warm, welcoming environment, and you will not find better iinstructors or fellow students. The classes are structerd and based around safe training, but are also about having the most fun possibly. It's fair to say that Watermelon changed my life. From the time I walked into the studio for my first class almost seven years ago, I have never looked back.

Emma Wright - Google Review

This is a gorgeous space to build strength and confidence. The instructions care about your safety while guiding you through carefully thought out levels to build the fundamentals and progressions. I always leave with a smile on my face after years of coming here.

Claire Simpson - Google Review

Positive: Professionalism

Brilliant pole studio, very safe, clean, inclusive and personal teaching. Awesome lights and each of the instructors are fantastic.

Maggie Martin - Google Review

Positive: Communication, Professional, Quality

Amazing place filled with amazing people. You could not find a more safe and fun environment to learn pole. Just cannot recommend enough !!

Laura McKenzie - Google Review